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    Chi Kung


Chi Kung: energy exercise

Chi Kung, also Chi Gong or Qi Gong literally means energy exercise and is the head term for many Chinese health exercises. Their common goal is the even float of the Chi energy.

The energy Chi is central to Chinese hygienics. It floats through the human body in ways which are called meridians in the Western world. The unhindered float of the Chi energy is the key to our health.

If the float is blocked at one point, it will cause overstrain at another point of the energy system. Those blockages may have several causes: a job in an office where you sit all day long, a wrong posture, or stress induced muscle tension.

In China, the knowledge about the meaning of the vital energy has been expanded over the last milleniums. It is used since then to prevent people from getting sick, aging, healing sick people, and – of course – in martial arts.

Due to the long tradition of the exploration and use of Chi energy, many different Chi Kung styles evolved. They all have the same purpose namely to increase inner strength and free ways so that it can float easily.

If you know Chi Kung, you can renew your life force daily. You will get sick less often. The use of regular training can be seen in many ways during different situations in your life.