• CWTO was founded in April 2003 and is led by Sifu Hasan Cifci.

  • CWTO is a union of independent martial arts studios where the Chinese Wing Chun and the Philippine Escrima are practiced.

  • CWTO is open for the collaboration with other unions, studios, and instructors. We pay special attention to a respectful coexistence with other unions.

  • CWTO dissociates from every action that does not subserve our martial arts.

  • CWTO’s aim is to teach fair, realistic, contemporary martial arts that everybody is able to learn. All of its facets should be covered at our studios (i.e. philosophy, psychology, physiology)

Sifu Hasan Cifci aims at supporting instructors and students according to their individual needs. All higher-ranking teachers commit to this principle.

Should you be interested in a CWTO-membership, you will be admitted after a personal and professional qualification test. The test will be conducted by Sifu Hasan Cifci himself with his highest-ranking students present. The committee’s decision will only be made public, if the candidate is admitted.

CWTO guarantees that should the candidate be rejected, his personal data will be kept in confidence.

Participation in CWTO training sessions and seminars is possible at any time. Advance reservation required.

We are looking forward to meeting you!




„Intelligent martial arts for intelligent people“

„Intelligent martial arts for intelligent people“

The one who makes rash decisions will never be able to fully make use of his abilities and gifts – neither with regards to sports nor in real life.

As a union of independent martial arts studios sharing the same ideals and principles, we aspire to not only pass on the most effective fighting techniques but also the underlying moral concepts that built the foundation of our martial arts.

We guarantee our students high-quality standards. Our aim is that they gain the capability to fully make use of their individual potential – physically and mentally.

We create a relaxed atmosphere without distance between the students and the instructors in order to make group training as effective as possible.

We want to equip our students and instructors with the necessary strength and moral so that they get better at mastering life’s challenges.



We all commit to our student’s and instructor’s satisfaction and aspire to…

  • …meet the world standards for teaching

  • …meet the expectations and hopes of our students with regards to self-defense

  • …improve the quality of our teaching under the principle of lifelong learning.

The satisfaction of our students is the motivation and the leitmotiv for our instructors.




We want to help our students achieve their individual goals. It is very important for us to consider the different reasons that led them to our studios.

Respect, justice, and honesty are our main principles in every respect.

Finally, the organisation tries to improve the reputation and understanding of martial arts in public.



Cifci Wing Tsun Organisation was founded to be an umbrella group for those interested in Wing Chun and those who run a Wing Chun studio. The umbrella group combines traditional principles with practical techniques and provides help for members to achieve their training goals on a high level.

Characteristics of our organisation:

  • High quality Wing Chun & Escrima
  • Well-developed Wing Chun & Escrima system
  • Close to reality courses and techniques that do not neglect the old traditions
  • Central school with qualified instructors
  • Regular further trainings for members and studio owners
  • Lessons in a warm and friendly environment

We invite you to take a first look at our training principles and ideals at one of our CWTO-studios or at our headquarter in Kassel (Wolfhager Str. 18-20) with Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci.

We regularly offer public seminars where non-members can participate. Advance reservation is required. Gain intense insight into Cifci Wing Tsun.

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