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Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci is the founder and leader of the CWTO. As the world’s leading instructor, he sets the teaching and quality norms which make the Cifci Wing Tsun System so popular and successful.




Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci CWTO headquarter
Tel: 0561 – 711 489 Wolfhager Str. 18-20
Email: sifuhasan[ad] 34117 Kassel



Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci started his martial art career in 1980 with boxing and Taekwondo.
In both martial arts, he celebrated impressive successes and was member of the Hessian team.

In 1985, Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci first met his instructor Sifu Emin Boztepe and learned about the Win Chun system.

Convinced of the superiority of the Wing Chun system and the strength of his later instructor, Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci mainly concentrated on Wing Chun and gave up boxing in 1986.

Later, however, Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci also gained more experience in wrestling and other martial arts.
He was thus able to compare Wing Chun to other sports and could improve training and teaching. He gets confirmation for what he does during his work in his own security agency. Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci and his students benefit from the advantages of the Wing Chun system there.

Since he was convinced by the effectiveness of Wing Chun, he also gave up Taekwon Do in 1992. He had taught this at the KSV Hessen Kassel but quit it to concentrate on Wing Chun. Meanwhile, many of his students became Wing Chun teachers themselves.

Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci leads his own Wing Chun organization, the CWTO, since March 1st 2003. It has branches in Italy, Scandinavia, and South America.

In his school in Kassel, Wolfhager Str. 18-20, he also trains security staff.

Cific WT, fitness, and more can also be found in Postsraße 60 in 34253 Lohfelden since April 1st 2003.


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Cifci Wing Tsun Organisation - Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci


Cifci Wing Tsun Organisation - Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci


Cifci Wing Tsun Organisation - Dai-Sifu Hasan Cifci