CWTO - Wing Tsun für Kinder & Jugendliche


Wing Chun training for children & young adults

Goal of the martial arts always was the: „formation of personality and education of better people“.


The main focus in the training of children – apart from self-defense – is on motoric capabilities, balance, coordination concentration, and self-discipline.

Especially Cifci Wing Tsun offers many possibilities to improve fine motor skills. It is proven that this assists the intellectual development of a child.



During our systematic lessons, we teach a strong community mindset. Therefore, a good teamwork of instructors and training partners is required.

This supports the development of the social capabilities of the children. The dedication of the parents and the instructors plays a crucial role during this process.

Since the CWR-system focuses on functionality and logic, further positive developments regarding the social and personal capabilities occur as a side effect. There are also conflict situations where children have to compete with others or even defend themselves.


A large part of self-defense consists of the attitude of a person and his appearance.

Non-verbal communication gives away whether we are easy prey or strong-willed. The best defense consists of signals that prevent the attack before it even started. To show those signals, long practice as well as the conviction that one can always defend oneself is needed.

Sometimes, only the necessary knowledge to react self-confident in such moments is missing.



The children learn through play how to appear self-confident.

The lessons consist of a warming up, stretching, strengthening and coordination exercises, and simple self-defense techniques that are practiced with a partner.

In order to intensify kicking and beating exercises, they are practiced with cushions or in front of a mirror.

After the farewell ceremony, the children change and wait until they are fetched by their parents.

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