• Self-defense for women
    Wing Tsun

Rumor has it that women developed Wing Chun and made sure that it is appropriate for people who are superior to their opponents.




The threats women and young girls have to face differ a lot from those that men have to cope with. The mere strength to defend oneself can therefore only be one element of a larger strategy.

 Cifci Wing Chun – Self-defense for women

Police statistics show that self-confident women are attacked less often and that if they defend themselves rape can be prevented in more than 80% of the cases.

If a woman does not defend herself, however, the wrongdoer will carry out his evil plan. In 80% of the cases, they would not stop. Even little molesting can affect quality of life. Defense thus has to start as early as possible to maintain the personal freedom.

Only if a woman sets clear rules and knows what she accepts, she’ll be able to prevent the wrongdoer from crossing the line.


Cifci Wing Tsun - Selbstverteidigung für Frauen

If the behaviour of the other person shows that he does not accept the limit, the woman should demonstrate with her voice and her posture that she will not accept this border violation. Therewith, she indicates that she is not the helpless victim that the evildoer is looking for. In many cases, he will let go and leave.





Should the attacker still not accept the border, Wing Chun techniques come into play to incapacitate the evildoer.


Every participant in the mixed Wing Tsun-classes will learn about those aspects which are of particular importance for women. The advantage of mixed classes is that due to the training with men, a more realistic simulation of the real threat is possible. This will add up to the trust of the women in their own capabilities. You can always join our mixed classes. There is no need to wait until new classes start.

CWTO - Wing Chun training in small groups

About 80% of the course consists of practical training. The aim is to change the awareness of the participants. She should realise that she is capable to defeat a male attacker in an emergency situation. With this knowledge, she’ll be more confident in everyday situations. She’ll not have to pretend strength but shows it naturally. This will shy away many evildoers before they even try. “The technique and the mind together form the courage of a woman and are important for how a fight ends.” This is exactly what Cifci Wing Tsun offers his students.

Should you have questions or want to take part in a trial session do not hesitate to contact us either in person or via email.